NBER in the News - 2019

Date Source Headline Working Paper
12/31/2019 Washington Examiner New study: Heavy vape taxes will cause more people to die from lung cancer w26589
12/31/2019 MarketWatch Opioid deaths rise after car-factory closures, according to a study over two decades w24440
12/31/2019 Fortune India Bangladesh: The economic miracle of the year w20383
12/31/2019 Bloomberg Trump Tax Breaks Seen Doing 'Zero' for Home Prices in Poor Areas w26587
12/31/2019 The Wall Street Journal Gun-Rights Advocates See Lessons in Texas Church Shooting w23510
12/31/2019 National Review The Perils of Restricting E-Cigarettes and Nuclear Power w26589 & w26598
12/31/2019 Consumer Affairs AARP report claims age discrimination still widespread in the workplace w26552
12/31/2019 Quartz How selfish motives drive people to make dumb mistakes w26595
12/31/2019 Wisconsin State Journal Wisconsin law enforcement officials prepare for legal marijuana in neighboring states w23426
12/31/2019 Marketplace Study suggests taxes on e-cigarettes have an unintended consequence w26589
12/30/2019 Forbes AI Could Be The New Play To Increase Minority Homeownership w25943 or summary
12/29/2019 Warsaw Business Journal Study: Politicians' TV debates do not affect election results w26572
12/29/2019 The Huntsville Item Health Care Deserts w26182
12/27/2019 USA Today Worried about abortion laws? Catholic hospital mergers also seen as threat to women's ... w23768
12/27/2019 The Washington Post There are stark racial disparities in voting times. Here's how to fix them. w26487 or summary
12/26/2019 Palo Alto Online 'A silent reckoning': Stanford research illustrates mental health cost of school shootings for youth ... w26563 or summary
12/24/2019 MarketWatch These cities have the toughest laws for home builders - and the highest property prices w26573
12/23/2019 NPR The Work Week, Episode 3: Gender Segregation In The Workplace w21913
12/20/2019 Facing South VOICES: Lessons the South has taught me about fighting for reproductive justice w26228
12/20/2019 Forbes Do We Need A Recruitment Agency For Robots? w23285 or summary
12/19/2019 Quartz A third of the gender pay gap can be explained by schmoozing between men and their male bosses w26530
12/19/2019 MarketWatch These words are a sign of age bias in job postings w26552
12/19/2019 CNBC For the first time in history, the US economy has started and ended a decade without a recession
12/19/2019 The Washington Post Nancy Pelosi is showing women how to age fearlessly and ferociously w21669
12/19/2019 Chicago Tribune Commentary: US trade policy puts curves in the road for bicycle shoppers w25672 or summary
12/18/2019 Inside Higher Ed Study suggests that professors should standardize their grading curves, saying it's an efficient way ... w26556
12/18/2019 Fortune Minority Home Buyers Can Get Better Mortgage Rates From Algorithms w25943 or summary
12/18/2019 The Hill Trade deal with China a gift to American workers w26396
12/18/2019 The Mercury News Stanford study finds school shootings lead to increase in anti-depressant prescriptions w26563 or summary
12/17/2019 Campus Safety Magazine Study: Stricter School Discipline Policies Have Long-term Negative Effects on Students w26257 or summary
12/16/2019 The Washington Post Men are more likely than women to call their science 'excellent' w26345 or summary
12/16/2019 KPIX-TV, San Francisco Stanford Study: Mental Health Issues Linger For Years Following School Shootings w26563 or summary
12/16/2019 Retail Wire Is the trade deal an early-Christmas present? w26396
12/16/2019 KTLA, Los Angeles After Deadly School Shootings, Antidepressant Use Spikes Among Student Survivors w26563 or summary
12/15/2019 The Wall Street Journal Small Business and the Fight for $15 w26523
12/12/2019 Chicago Agent Flip or flop? Profits are down, according to a new report w23740
12/12/2019 Vice Media Smoking With Your Boss Can Get You Promoted, But Only if You're a Man w26530
12/12/2019 FX Leaders How Have China's Tariffs Impacted American Communities? w26353 or summary
12/12/2019 The Journal Record (Oklahoma City) Free Market Friday: Medicaid a cure for car fatalities? w26081
12/12/2019 The 74 Trivers: As an Educator and a Parent of Color, I Stand Up for Charters Schools against Politics ... w25796
12/12/2019 Defense One House Defense Bill Would Mandate Carbon Capture Program for the Military w26167
12/11/2019 Yahoo! Finance IRS tax penalty letters may have prevented death for some middle-aged Americans w26533
12/11/2019 The New York Times This Is What Racism Looks Like in the Banking Industry w25943 or summary
12/11/2019 The Week(India) Men who smoke with their bosses tend to get promoted faster w26530
12/11/2019 Houston Chronicle Republicans and Democrats can agree on setting a goal of net zero emissions by 2050 [Opinion] w26167
12/11/2019 The Atlantic Did Uber Just Enable Discrimination by Destination? w22776 or summary
12/11/2019 Livingston Ledger Chinese imports reducing American marriage rates w23173
12/11/2019 Latest Asia News and Headlines China retaliatory tariffs cost billions in lost consumption: study w26353 or summary
12/11/2019 Computerworld Apple is forcing the ads industry to change w24771
12/11/2019 The New York Times China Retaliatory Tariffs Cost Billions in Lost Consumption: Study w26353 or summary
12/11/2019 Newsmax NBER: China's Retaliatory Tariffs on US Cost Billions in Lost Consumption w26353 or summary
12/10/2019 Idaho Press Ferro: Some rollbacks hurt quality of life w26381
12/10/2019 The Wall Street Journal US and Chinese Trade Negotiators Planning for Delay of December Tariffs w26434
12/10/2019 Healthcare Dive: Healthcare and Health IT News Health insurance coverage linked to reduced mortality w26533
12/10/2019 Foreign Policy African Men Try Lending a Hand to Stop Sexual Violence w25627
12/10/2019 CalMatters In California, medical care means big money - and big politics w25488
12/10/2019 MarketWatch Here's how much the old boys' club pays off w26530
12/10/2019 Washington Examiner Feminism's collateral damage is the breakdown of society w14969
12/10/2019 Energy News Network Report links utilities' charitable giving to organizations' political support w25329
12/10/2019 The New York Times Big Business Is Overcharging You $5,000 a Year w25983
12/10/2019 The Times of India Males who smoke with boss likely to get faster promotions w26530
12/10/2019 24/7 Wall St. Health Insurance Helps You Live Longer w26533
12/9/2019 The National Interest Why the White House Has Its Eyes Wide Shut on China w26050
12/9/2019 MarketPlace When it pays to smoke with the boss w26530
12/9/2019 Campus Technology Virtual Advising Alone Insufficient to Make a Difference in College Admission w26509
12/9/2019 Denton Daily Winning the $1B Mega Millions prize won't make you happier, but will make you more satisfied: Study w24667
12/9/2019 Bloomberg Smoking With the Boys May Be Leaving Women Executives Behind w26530
12/9/2019 Financial Post Immigration Quotas of 1920s Failed to Aid US-Born Workers' Pay w26536
12/9/2019 Inside Higher Ed The Sibling Effect w26502
12/9/2019 Bloomberg Immigration Quotas of 1920s Failed to Aid US-Born Workers' Pay w26536
12/9/2019 The Seattle Times Smoking with the boys may be leaving women executives behind w26530
12/8/2019 Fox News America's rural hospital crisis becomes major 2020 campaign issue w26182
12/8/2019 The Indianapolis Star Briggs: Indianapolis council pay raises are selfish ⁠- and good w14906
12/7/2019 The Hill DC should reverse course on soda tax w26393
12/6/2019 The Washington Post When exciting education results are in the news, be skeptical w26480
12/6/2019 The Oklahoman No shortage of examples of government waste w21437
12/6/2019 Spring Hill Insider School vouchers bring more money to Catholic schools-but at a cost, study finds w23159
12/5/2019 Washington Examiner 'Leftists should be happy': Trump economists conclude that government benefits have 'dramatically ... w26439
12/4/2019 The New York Times Do Democrats Really Know Who Their Friends Are? w24259
12/4/2019 KCBS Radio UC Berkeley Study on How Aid to the Poor Helps the Entire Community
12/4/2019 Black Enterprise According to Smartphone Data, Black Voters Wait Longer to Vote w26487 or summary
12/3/2019 The Wall Street Journal Never Mind the Bullock w26421
12/3/2019 24/7 Wall St. The 30 Most Polluted Places in America w26381
12/3/2019 The Daily Illini Student entrepreneur ecosystem combats lack of structure w24489 or summary
12/2/2019 Today (Singapore) What low-income countries need is not more economic growth, it's less shrinking w23343
12/2/2019 NPR Researchers Find A Remarkable Ripple Effect When You Give Cash To Poor Families
12/2/2019 Washington Examiner First-of-its-kind study concludes that 1996 release of OxyContin played major role in the opioid crisis w26500 or summary
12/1/2019 Stock Daily Dish Trump's trade war cut $7.8bn from US economy in 2018, study says w25638 or summary
12/1/2019 Business Insider Malaysia I didn't take maternity leave as a self-employed worker, and I regret it w18702 or summary
12/1/2019 The Wall Street Journal Who's Afraid of Political Ads? w23258
11/29/2019 Stock Daily Dish Study: 9700 Deaths in 2018 Caused by Worsening Air Pollution w26381
11/29/2019 The Wall Street Journal Pro-Trump Ads Won't Bother Sanitizing Image w26487 or summary
11/29/2019 The Globe and Mail Those who graduate during a recession are less likely to be managers, study says w25141
11/29/2019 San José Spotlight Silicon Valley economy 'frothy' and facing headwinds, says market expert w21154
11/29/2019 The New York Times That Recruitment Letter From Harvard Probably Doesn't Mean Much w26456
11/27/2019 Foreign Policy The European Union Needs to Prepare for the Next Wave of Migrants w13229
11/27/2019 The Seattle Times Application meant to simplify college admissions actually makes schools more selective, study ... w26151 or summary
11/26/2019 Newsweek Ex-Trump Economic Advisor Tells Fox News Worsening Inequality Is a Myth, Says Billionaires ... w26421
11/26/2019 Mirage News (New South Wales) Harder To Breathe: Air Quality has Worsened Since 2016 w26381
11/26/2019 Kiplinger Estate Taxes Could Hit the Not-So-Wealthy w26387 or summary
11/26/2019 Stock Daily Dish Study: 43 Percent of White Harvard Students Are Related to Alumni, Donors w26316
11/26/2019 Natural Resources Defense Council Corporate Leaders to Trump: Withdrawing From the Paris Agreement Makes Bad Business Sense w26167
11/25/2019 MarketWatch This is exactly how much housing speculation can affect household income and employment w26457
11/25/2019 The Wall Street Journal Mexican Economy Stagnated in Third Quarter Business Cycle Dating Information
11/25/2019 Inside Higher Ed Scrutiny Over Black Applicants: 'Recruit to Deny' w26456
11/24/2019 Daily Stock Dish FDA regulations on e-cigarettes an exercise in crony capitalism w23865
11/24/2019 Stock Daily Dish Algorithms should have made courts more fair. What went wrong? w23180
11/24/2019 The Plain Dealer Closed Doors: CMHA works to improve voucher program; advocates push for discrimination ... w21156
11/24/2019 The Washington Post How workaholics drive inequality w26421
11/23/2019 The Cable (Nigeria) Identifying kids with high IQ: An age-by-age guide for parents w12466
11/20/2019 CNBC Climate change could shave off 3% of the world economy, study finds w26167
11/20/2019 The Virginia Mercury Medicaid expansion may be the most important thing the General Assembly has done in a generation w26081
11/20/2019 Slate Magazine Here's a Big Policy Idea That Even Larry Summers and Elizabeth Warren Agree On w26475
11/20/2019 Fox Business Top Republican asks Mnuchin to probe Warren's proposal to tax stock trades w24085 or summary
11/20/2019 CBS News Former US Treasury chief Lawrence Summers to IRS: Audit the rich w26475
11/20/2019 Newsmax Trump's Trade War Is Out of Control w25638 or summary
11/19/2019 The Floridian Democrats blame Scott & DeSantis for "thousands" of healthcare deaths w26081
11/19/2019 Markets Insider The US could raise $1 trillion more in taxes through stricter IRS enforcement, according to a new ... w26475
11/19/2019 Chicago Tribune Editorial: Thousands of Floridians have died. Heartless Republicans still won't expand Medicaid w26081
11/18/2019 Forbes Boosting Employee Experience At The Frontline w25204
11/18/2019 Business Insider Wealth-tax opposition is rooted in the era of American slavery, 2 economists say w25700
11/18/2019 Forbes Will Investors And Insurers Sink Or Save Florida? w26322
11/18/2019 RealClear Energy Can the Public be Convinced that Electric Vehicle Subsidies are Worth it? w25771 or summary
11/17/2019 Newsday Why agents steer w24826
11/17/2019 The Straits Times (Singapore) It's not just farmers, US exports may never recover from the trade war with China w26434
11/16/2019 The Morning Call Your View by Allentown doctor: We can end surprise medical bills and not harm ERs w23623 or summary
11/16/2019 The Libertarian Republic It's a Disservice to Urge Young People To Become Entrepreneurs w24489 or summary
11/16/2019 The Pratt Tribune Karyn Page: Pass USMCA now; Kansas farmers, businesses need win w25638 or summary
11/16/2019 Blue Virginia New Study: Virginia Democrats' Medicaid Expansion Will Save 900 Lives in Just Four Years w26081
11/15/2019 Counterview Resettled Gujarat Narmada oustees 'lack' proper housing, health facilities: LSE study w24433
11/15/2019 Bloomberg It's Not Just Farmers-US Exports May Never Recover From the Trade War w26434
11/15/2019 Fortune Why Costco Is Thriving Even as the US-China Trade War Drags On w26396
11/14/2019 Chicago Tribune The politics of Medicaid expansion have changed w26081
11/14/2019 Miami Herald The cost of not expanding Medicaid in Fla.? Nearly 2800 deaths, a new report estimates w26081
11/13/2019 The Telegraph Donald Trump's general election lesson for Boris Johnson: trade wars lose voters w26434
11/13/2019 MarketWatch Opinion: By this measure, Americans are not addicted to debt and US stocks should do fine w26435 or summary
11/13/2019 SFGate A study said that 60 percent of Uber riders don't tip. Here's what rideshare drivers had to say. w26380
11/13/2019 Calgary Sun Guest Opinion: Our policymakers can learn from Japan's 'nuclear' response w26395
11/13/2019 Investment U How to Decide When to Retire w21326
11/13/2019 CNBC Too old to get rich? No way, if you follow these 7 tips for starting a business w24489 or summary
11/13/2019 The Washington Post Fed's Powell brushes aside Trump's call for negative interest rates w26308
11/12/2019 Professional Adviser Academics find evidence of bond fund misclassification by Morningstar w26423
11/12/2019 The Economic Times(India) US firms with H-1B staff have more chances of landing funds w26392 or summary
11/12/2019 Stock Daily Dish Study: Rich kids 10 times as likely to become inventors, creating 'lost Einsteins' w24062 or summary
11/12/2019 Washington Examiner The real reason California's Paid Family Leave Act didn't work w26416
11/12/2019 WHYY 'Revolutionary' principal goes all-in on quest for more black teachers w25254
11/12/2019 Moms.com A High School Degree Is Worth Less Now Than In The 1980's w26421
11/12/2019 TheBlaze New report shows socialists and the federal gov't likely exaggerated poverty for years w25907
11/11/2019 Riverdale Press Climate change will affect our economy, like it or not w26167
11/11/2019 CBS News The value of a high school degree has collapsed since 1980 w26421
11/11/2019 Yahoo New Study Shows Paid Family Leave Isn't a Silver Bullet w26416
11/11/2019 Washington Examiner Trump trade war cost GOP five House seats in 2018: Study w26434
11/11/2019 KNSI Radio Opioid Crisis Now Touching VA Community w26264 or summary
11/11/2019 The Economic Times(India) US startups with H-1B staff have more chances of landing funds w26392 or summary
11/11/2019 American Medical Association 5 years of evidence shows how expanding Medicaid boosts health w26081
11/11/2019 The Good Men Project Robots and the Workforce: Understanding the Research w24689
11/11/2019 Chatham Daily News Global retaliation against US tariffs cost Donald Trump in Congress, study finds w26434
11/8/2019 The Wall Street Journal Targeting Mark Zuckerberg w23258
11/8/2019 Bloomberg Demonetisation: What We Know Three Years On... w25370 or summary
11/8/2019 Index Journal Immigrants give us their gifts every day w26408 or summary
11/8/2019 E&E News US lurches into a race with sprinting China c14286
11/8/2019 Business Insider The economic picture is darkening in states critical to Trump's reelection bid w25638 or summary
11/7/2019 The Wall Street Journal If Warren Scraps Private Health Care, Beware the Unintended Consequences w21650 or summary
11/7/2019 Money Your Bond Fund May Be Riskier Than You Think w26423
11/7/2019 Zawya (Dubai) What can we learn from 200 years of emerging market bond history? w25543 or summary
11/7/2019 Los Angeles Daily News Proposition 30's unintended consequences w26387 or summary
11/7/2019 International Business Times Immigration News: Immigrants' Children Do Better Than Children Of Those Born In US, Study Says w26408 or summary
11/7/2019 The Boston Globe Big Data: Air pollution is getting worse w26381
11/7/2019 The Fiscal Times Medicaid Expansion Has Saved Thousands of Lives: Report w26081
11/6/2019 The Moscow Times Boris Johnson and Putin's Unwitting Helpers w24631
11/6/2019 The New York Times Why Walmart and Other Companies Are Sticking With the Paris Climate Deal w26167
11/6/2019 Chronicle of Higher Education Report: Financial Aid Has Little Effect on Completion w26419
11/6/2019 The Nation Violence Is in the Air w21787
11/6/2019 KUNR Public Radio Wildfire Smoke Contributes To Air Quality Plummeting In The West w26381
11/6/2019 The 74 Are Minorities Overidentified for Special Ed? Or Underidentified? As DeVos Implements Obama ... w25829
11/6/2019 Newsmax 4 Ways Natural Disasters Destroy Your Local Economy w23410
11/6/2019 Forbes A-Rod Shares His Top Money Tips Ahead Of New Personal Finance Show Launch w21085
11/5/2019 Washington Examiner Trade war presents lingering recession threat w26396
11/5/2019 Inside Higher Ed Report: Financial Aid Has Little Effect on Completion w26419
11/5/2019 Market Watch Opinion: Short-term interest rates are actually higher now than before the last Fed cut w24258
11/5/2019 The Washington Free Beacon Study: Free College Plans Leave Vast Majority Worse Off w26425
11/5/2019 Market Watch Bond mutual funds may hold riskier holdings than reported, NBER study finds w26423
11/5/2019 The Washington Post Do Americans understand immigration? Here's a pop quiz to test your knowledge. w24394
11/5/2019 Washington Examiner The US tax code is causing most of the 'pay gap' w25739
11/5/2019 Deseret News In our opinion: Dear President Trump, Utah wants more refugees w23498 or summary
11/4/2019 Market Watch Non-white cancer survivors are less likely to get the type of doctors they need w24787 or summary
11/4/2019 NBC News Residents suffer as Mississippi and 13 other states debate Medicaid expansion w26081
11/4/2019 New York Magazine Tomorrow, America Could Get a Tiny Bit Closer to Universal Healthcare w26081
11/4/2019 The Epoch Times China's Trade War Retaliation Against Trump's Rural Base Boomerangs w26353 or summary
11/4/2019 The Texas Observer A Dying Town w26182
11/4/2019 Harvard Business Review Is AI Bias a Corporate Social Responsibility Issue? w9873 or summary
11/3/2019 Channel 3000 Why and when the US started changing the clock w14429
11/1/2019 USA Today After years of improvement, US air quality has gotten worse since 2016, report suggests w26381
11/1/2019 The Post-Journal Research peeks into dark heart of Uber riders when it comes to tipping w26380
11/1/2019 Forbes Is Venture Capital Drinking Its Own Kool-Aid? w23895 or summary
11/1/2019 The Wall Street Journal China's Corruption Paradox w25839
11/1/2019 Bloomberg Loan Sharks Play a Useful Role in the Economy w26400
10/31/2019 Boston Herald State needs to stay out of return to rent control regulations w23914
10/31/2019 Mother Jones Wildfires Are Making California's Bad Air Quality Even Worse-And It's Killing People w26381
10/31/2019 Fin24 Which policies create economic growth? w26318
10/31/2019 American Council on Science and Health Taxing Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Reduces Your Wallet Not Waistline w26393
10/31/2019 Bloomberg Kids of US Immigrants Move Up Just Like Those 100 Years Before w26408 or summary
10/30/2019 Stamford Advocateom Air quality is getting worse in the US w26381
10/30/2019 Science News Alaska's free money for residents hints at how universal basic income may work w24312
10/30/2019 AZoCleantech After Years of Improvement US Air Quality Declines w26381
10/30/2019 Euromoney Europe's retail FX CFD ban 'ineffective' before being scrapped w24176
10/29/2019 Property118 Rent controls dry up supply and hurt tenants w24181
10/29/2019 Women's Agenda Gender pay gap is at its most extreme for women in their 50s w21669
10/29/2019 ThinkAdvisor 5 Facts About a Big New Retirement Principal Protection Paper w26406
10/29/2019 The Republican High rents revive debate over rent control in Greater Boston, 25 years after it was abolished w18125 or summary
10/29/2019 MarketWatch Opinion: This is the one thing workers over 65 really want from their job w26332
10/29/2019 Energy News Network More renewables will mean less asthma and heart disease in the Midwest w26381
10/28/2019 GreenBiz Burning questions about insurance and climate w26322
10/28/2019 Washington Examiner Retailers, not consumers, facing the brunt of trade war tariffs: Study w26396
10/28/2019 ABC News US air quality declines after years of improvement w26381
10/28/2019 MarketWatch Would you take a money-back guarantee from a 401(k)? (The answer should be no) w26406
10/28/2019 Washington Examiner Women need a new script for life w14969
10/28/2019 Washington Examiner Shutdown of nuclear after Fukushima caused more deaths than the accident itself: Study w26395
10/28/2019 BloombergQuint Good Looks, Good Grades: 'Attractive' Kids Do Better in School w26412
10/27/2019 Telegram & Gazette (Worcester) Efforts underway to increase teacher diversity in local schools w25254
10/25/2019 WHBQ-TV, Memphis Air pollution deaths increase by almost 10000 last year, study finds w26381
10/25/2019 IFLScience Us Air Pollution Has Increased For The First Time In 10 Years Under The Trump Administration w26381
10/25/2019 Wired Your Secret Uber Tipping Behavior, Exposed w26380
10/25/2019 Fox News $9.8B raised for global climate fund following damning UN reports w26167
10/25/2019 Fin24 The second renaissance of finance w26330
10/25/2019 Courthouse News Service Scientists Predict More Smog With Trump Plan to Relax Energy Rules w26381
10/25/2019 TechSpot Most Uber riders don't tip their drivers, study finds w26380
10/24/2019 The Washington Post Who Tips Best on Uber? w26380
10/24/2019 MarketWatch Women suffer from 'math anxiety' more than men do - here's how to reverse it w24910
10/24/2019 Rolling Stone Air Quality in the US Has Gotten Worse Under the Trump Administration, Which Couldn't Care Less w26381
10/24/2019 Yahoo! Finance A new tax study should freak out billionaires w26387 or summary
10/24/2019 Legal Reader Combat Soldiers are at High Risk of Opioid Addiction, Overdose w26264 or summary
10/24/2019 Scientific American Racial Bias Found in a Major Health Care Risk Algorithm w24787 or summary
10/24/2019 The Fix Combat Veterans May Be At Greater Risk For Opioid Addiction w26264 or summary
10/23/2019 The Harvard Crimson Legacy, Athlete, and Donor Preferences Disproportionately Benefit White Applicants, per Analysis w26316
10/23/2019 Fox Business California's tax hike in 2012 spurred mass wealth exodus, new study finds w26349
10/23/2019 Eurasianet Borrowing blind: Why we don't know how much Eurasia owes China w26050
10/23/2019 Investor's Business Daily 3 Reasons Why You Should Never Retire w24226 or summary
10/23/2019 Futurity.org Program cuts drop-out rate for black male high schoolers w26386
10/23/2019 KFOR-TV Air quality in the US is getting worse and could be killing thousands, study finds w26381
10/23/2019 CBS News Men more likely to tip Uber drivers than women, study says w26380
10/23/2019 The Hill New study: US Air pollution rose from 2016-2018, resulting in premature deaths w26381
10/22/2019 Yahoo! Finance US Air Quality Was Improving. Now It's Getting Worse w26381
10/22/2019 Wired Who Are the Most Successful Entrepreneurs? The Middle-Aged w24489 or summary
10/22/2019 MarketWatch The No.1 Reason the Filthy Rich Decide to Move w26387 or summary
10/22/2019 The Wall Street Journal California's Tax-the-Rich Boomerang w26349
10/22/2019 CBS News US air pollution is worsening after improving for years w26381
10/22/2019 The 74 Colombia Pre-K Study Finds That Funding the Wrong Priorities Can Be Worse Than Doing Nothing ... w26191
10/22/2019 Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research Pitfalls of outsourcing public welfare w26367
10/22/2019 MIT Technology Review How heat waves harm pregnant women and newborns w26384
10/22/2019 pymnts.com Even Bad Tippers Might Pay More With Better Tech w26380
10/22/2019 Business Insider Only 1% of passengers always tip their Uber drivers, a new study of 40 million rides found w26380
10/22/2019 The Heartland Institute Research & Commentary: Flavor Ban in Westchester, NY Unlikely to Impact Youth Vaping ... w23865
10/22/2019 GEEKSPIN Only 1 percent of riders tip their Uber w26380
10/22/2019 The Washington Post Who tips best on Uber? Economists analyzed 40 million trips w26380
10/22/2019 Commentary Magazine The Practical Primary Begins w25538
10/22/2019 San Francisco Chronicle Report: 60% of Uber riders don't tip. Do you? w26380
10/22/2019 abc7news.com Study: Nearly two-thirds of Uber riders don't tip their drivers w26380
10/21/2019 The Verge Nearly two-thirds of Uber customers don't tip their drivers w26380
10/21/2019 MarketWatch How climate change could contribute to racial maternal-health disparities w26384
10/21/2019 MarketWatch This is the exact age when the joy gets sucked out of your life w23724
10/20/2019 The New York Times Estate Taxes Are Easy to Flee, but They Still Help States w26387 or summary
10/20/2019 The Washington Post Chancellor pledges to review DC's controversial teacher evaluation system w19529 or summary
10/20/2019 The Hill Warren, Yang fight over automation divides experts w24333
10/19/2019 Indian Express Limited Nobel Laureates Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo co-authored study on Rajasthan Police w17912
10/19/2019 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel UWM study finds over half of gun violence perpetrators and victims had elevated blood lead levels ... w23392 or summary
10/18/2019 InsideSources Predictive Scheduling Is Bad for Workers, Good for Self-Checkout Kiosks w23667
10/18/2019 theMReport.com How Climate Change Could Impact the Housing Market w26322
10/18/2019 The National Law Review The AHA Reports Economic Benefits Associated with Increased Hospital Consolidation w22106
10/17/2019 Mercatornet Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue w26364
10/17/2019 Business Insider You now need to make more than $500000 a year to be in the 1% in America, new study shows ... w25462
10/17/2019 Connecting Vets Every Day Combat 'substantially' increases troops' risk of painkiller and heroin abuse, study shows w26264 or summary
10/17/2019 Connecticut Post New CT task force begins examining high-deductible health plans w24869
10/17/2019 Yahoo! Finance Older Workers Just Want a Little Flex Time w24008 or summary
10/17/2019 Hudson Valley 360 Legislation protects New York patients from high ER costs w23623 or summary
10/16/2019 ZMR News Reports Wealth Gap Widening as Billionaires Pay Lower Tax Rate w25462
10/16/2019 LNP Media Group College tuition should reflect the varying costs of majors c13878
10/16/2019 CNBC Women's earnings drop after having a child-but men's do not w24219
10/16/2019 KESQ-TV New study finds link between combat, substance abuse w26264 or summary
10/16/2019 Benzinga Data: Cannabis Legalization Does Not Increase Traffic Fatalities w24417
10/16/2019 Boston 25 News Could Massachusetts be saying goodbye to the Electoral College? w26247
10/16/2019 Harvard Business Review Climate Change Is Going to Transform Where and How We Build w26322
10/15/2019 Fox News Combat troops at higher risk for opioid and heroin abuse, study says w26264 or summary
10/15/2019 WTKR.com New study finds link between War on Terror combat and opioid and heroin abuse w26264 or summary
10/15/2019 The Hill Universal basic income advocates warn Yang's 'Freedom Dividend' would harm low-income ... w25538
10/15/2019 The Epoch Times Study: Winning Presidency Without Popular Vote Likely in Future w26247
10/15/2019 Center for Retirement Research Does Increased Debt Offset 401k Savings? w25876
10/14/2019 India Blooms India-American Economist Abhijit Banerjee among to receive Nobel prize in Economics 2019 Nobel Laureates
10/14/2019 Business Insider This year's 3 winners of the economics Nobel Prize revolutionized how we think about poverty ... 2019 Nobel Laureates
10/14/2019 Military Times Combat troops at higher risk for opioid, heroin addiction, study says w26264 or summary
10/14/2019 The Tribune Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer win Nobel in Economics 2019 Nobel Laureates
10/14/2019 Sify All you need to know about Nobel laureate Abhijit Banerjee 2019 Nobel Laureates
10/12/2019 Newsweek Electoral College Overwhelmingly Favors Republicans, Abolishing Entire System Only Remedy ... w26247
10/11/2019 Yahoo! Finance JPMorgan Economists Warn of Black Swan Risks From Climate Change w26167
10/11/2019 West Virginia MetroNews Teacher absenteeism creates problems for WV public schools w13648
10/11/2019 CNBC Would you give up Google for $17000 a year? The Federal Reserve wants to know w24514
10/11/2019 Business Line 'Business as usual' approach to climate change could have serious consequences: JP Morgan w26167
10/11/2019 InsideSources Right-to-Work States Could Foil Democratic Efforts To Take the White House in 2020 w24259
10/10/2019 The Spectator Are Boris's hedge-fund pals conspiring to 'short the UK'? I doubt it w26218 or summary
10/10/2019 The Wall Street Journal The Real Problem Central Bankers Face: The Rest of Us w25482
10/9/2019 Nikkei Asian Review Customers ask: Is a Huawei phone without Google worth $1000? w24514
10/9/2019 Washington Examiner Why super-successful women struggle in love w19023 or summary
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10/2/2019 Reuters US Fed charts its own course on climate change, too Read the Research
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10/1/2019 Bloomberg Productivity Suffers as UK Managers Focus on Brexit Readiness w26218 or summary
10/1/2019 NBC News Judge rules in favor of Harvard in affirmative action case w26316
10/1/2019 Bloomberg Productivity Suffers as UK Managers Focus on Brexit Readiness w26218 or summary
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9/23/2019 US News Money Trump's Tweets Threaten Fed's Independence, Push Rate Expectations Lower: Study w26308
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8/19/2019 The Washington Post Climate change could cost the US up to 10.5 percent of its GDP by 2100, study finds w26167
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8/19/2019 Business Times Okjokull Glacier Dead: Funeral Held For Iceland's First Glacier Lost To Climate Change w26167
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8/19/2019 MarketWatch Here's how much the global economy stands to lose - even more for the US - if the Paris climate ... w26167
8/19/2019 Savannah Morning News Climate change could cost the US up to 10.5 percent of its GDP by 2100, study finds w26167
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7/29/2019 Jalopnik VW's Emissions Scandal Cost Other German Automakers $5.2 Billion in US Sales: Study w26117
7/29/2019 Black Entertainment Television Man Dropped His Job As A Car Mechanic To Address Black Doctor Shortage w24787 or summary
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7/5/2019 The Beachwood Reporter How The 'Good Guy With A Gun' Became A Deadly American Fantasy w23510
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6/24/2019 The Tennessean More companies are offering paid paternity leave. Getting men to take it is another challenge w25902
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6/22/2019 Athens Banner-Herald Georgia has cut higher ed money more than most states w25945
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6/21/2019 The Washington Post Americans don't want endless trade wars, threats and tariffs. What we need is a bold alternative. w25638 or summary & w25672 or summary
6/21/2019 Education Dive: Latest Education News State funding cuts don't impact all public colleges equally, report finds w25945
6/19/2019 Quartz Fintech algorithms discriminate 40% less than traditional lenders w25943 or summary
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6/19/2019 Mesquite Local News Is minimum wage hike constitutional? w23532 & w25182
6/18/2019 Market Watch Higher temperatures can lead to more violent crime, especially in poorer neighborhoods w25961
6/18/2019 Market Watch Cuts in state funding to public colleges may be to blame for a decline in bachelor's degrees w25945
6/18/2019 Moms.com Parental Leave Policies For Dads Affect Maternal Health, Study Shows w25902
6/18/2019 Yahoo! Finance 'The risk is that prices are going up' as trade war poses big test for consumers w25672 or summary
6/18/2019 Skilled Nursing News 'SNF Star Ratings Matter': Nursing Homes with High Ratings Produce Better Outcomes w25940
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6/14/2019 Market Watch As China exports slow, government might face growing labor unrest, researcher says w25925
6/14/2019 The Ladders Study: When fathers are given work flexibility after childbirth, mothers' health improves w25902
6/14/2019 Massive Science It's time to cancel the "manel" w25028 or summary
6/13/2019 Science Daily New economic study shows combination of SNAP and WIC improves food security w25587
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6/12/2019 Action Forex Trade War Profit Pressure: Which Industries Are Most at Risk? w25638 or summary & w25672 or summary
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5/23/2019 NPR White House To Announce $16 Billion In Aid To Farmers Hurt By Trade War With China w25672 or summary
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5/1/2019 Romper First-Time Moms Are Affected By Gender Pay Gap While Dads Get Increased Salaries, Study Finds w24219
4/30/2019 CNBC First-time moms see a 30% drop in pay. For dads, there's a bump up w24219
4/30/2019 The Wall Street Journal AI for Molecular Design w24449
4/30/2019 The Washington Post Researchers say there's a simple way to reduce suicides: Increase the minimum wage w25787
4/30/2019 Business Insider Researchers say raising the minimum wage could prevent more than 1200 suicides a year w25787
4/30/2019 The Washington Post Democrats said a GOP tax law provision would devastate blue states. That's not happening. w25770
4/30/2019 Bustle The Gender Pay Gap For Moms Who Just Had Their First Child Is Startling w24219
4/30/2019 CBS News Want to decrease suicide? Raise the minimum wage, researchers suggest w25787
4/29/2019 International Director The Tangible Problem of Measuring Intangible Assets w24363
4/29/2019 Lake County News Increasing minimum wage, tax credits could stop over 1200 suicides a year, paper finds w25787
4/29/2019 Forbes Higher Minimum Wage Could Cut Suicide Rates Says New Study w25787
4/29/2019 Post News Group Research: Increasing Minimum Wage, Tax Credits Could Stop Over 1200 Suicides a Year w25787
4/27/2019 Savannah Morning News Viewpoints, Mark Murphy: Free medical school may be answer to curbing physician shortage w24787 or summary
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4/24/2019 Education Week 100000 Undocumented Students Graduate From US High Schools Each Year, Analysis Finds w24315
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4/10/2019 7thSpace Higher lead in topsoil boosts probability of cognitive difficulties in 5-year-old boys w24607
4/9/2019 Las Vegas Review-Journal Study finds that large minimum wage hikes boost the property crime rate w25647
4/9/2019 WHYY-FM How to close the wage gap? Pa. lawmakers look to family leave w23381 or summary
4/9/2019 BBC Modi's India w25370 or summary
4/9/2019 WSKG How To Close The Wage Gap? PA Lawmakers Look To Family Leave. w23381 or summary
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4/2/2019 Bloomberg $3.3 Trillion of Global Debt Starts to Tip the Scale w18015 or summary
4/2/2019 ThinkAdvisor The Answer: About $9 Million w25708
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4/1/2019 KULR-TV Report: Minimum wage hikes could lead to increased property crimes and $2.4 billion in ... w25647
3/31/2019 The Post and Courier Of course millennials own and drive cars, but do they want to? w25674
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