NBER in the News - 2016

Date Source Headline Working Paper
12/31/2016 The Sydney Morning Herald Two centuries of economic development courtesy of the Industrial Revolution w21450
12/30/2016 The New York Times Why Aren't There More Female Billionaires? w22945 or summary
12/30/2016 The Washington Post The best work on political economy in 2016 w21906
12/28/2016 The Washington Post Uber, Lyft respond to Sen. Al Franken's discrimination concerns w22776 or summary
12/28/2016 Market Watch Public colleges are luring international students to cope with state budget cuts w22981 or summary
12/28/2016 USA Today Don't be 'anchored' when your credit card bill arrives w22742
12/23/2016 Forbes Middle Class Retirement Accounts at Record Levels. Low-Income Households Still Saving Little w22945 or summary
12/23/2016 Bloomberg Ignoring Climate Change Just Got More Expensive w22933
12/21/2016 USA Today Who do you invest with for big returns: A rich manager or a poor one? w22517 or summary
12/20/2016 Market Watch Big pharma won't stop raising prices in 2017 - it'll just do it smarter w22745
12/20/2016 Inside Higher Ed The Stagnant Wage Premium w22935
12/19/2016 PBS Newshour Why fund managers from poor families achieve better results w22517 or summary
12/14/2016 The Washington Post Giving children computers basically does the opposite of what you expect w22907
12/14/2016 Houston Chronicle When your house is a trap w22929 or summary
12/13/2016 Reporting Texas Analysts: Trump Immigration Policies Could Spell Trouble for the Texas Economy w22834
12/12/2016 The New York Times It Turns Out Spending More Probably Does Improve Education w22011
12/9/2016 The Wall Street Journal There's one big thing that can help poor kids get jobs 50 years later w22899
12/8/2016 Retirement Income Journal Did your active fund underperform? Maybe a rich kid manages it w22517 or summary
12/8/2016 Fortune Here's Why Donald Trump Is Right About China w22879 or summary
12/7/2016 The New York Post If you're not born filthy rich, you probably never will be w22517 or summary
12/7/2016 The Washington Post What Ben Carson gets wrong about segregation in America
12/6/2016 The Wall Street Journal Competition From Chinese Imports Weakened U.S. Innovation w22770 or summary
11/30/2016 Bloomberg How to Boost Your Social Security Check by 85 Percent w22770 or summary
11/30/2016 Fortune Here's Why the Next Apple Might Not Be a Public Company w22857
11/25/2016 India Today Black-white earnings gap returns to 1950 levels in US w22797 or summary
11/23/2016 Chicago Tribune Many still making this bad credit card move w22742
11/23/2016 The Washington Post Researchers have found a troubling new cause of death for middle-aged white Americans w22849
11/23/2016 The Wall Street Journal Does Poor Air Quality Hurt Stock-Market Returns? w22753
11/17/2016 Market Watch Want to learn a trade? A public college may be your best bet w22287
11/16/2016 My Journal Courier Commentary: School achievement drives economy w21770
11/14/2016 The Washington Post The potentially severe consequences of Trump's deportation plans w22834
11/14/2016 Houston Chronicle Here's just how much Trump's deportation plan could hurt GDP w22834
11/11/2016 The New York Times The Persistence of the Minimum Paymenty w22742
11/10/2016 Bloomberg China's Sky-High Home Prices Sustainable, Harvard Scholars Say w22789
11/4/2016 CBS News How retirement hurts living standards for boomers w22770 or summary
11/2/2016 The Denver Post Americans are spending more on health care ... for their pets w22669
11/1/2016 The Washington Post Your Uber driver is twice as likely to cancel if you're black w22776 or summary
10/31/2016 The Boston Globe Study finds racial discrimination by Uber drivers w22776 or summary
10/27/2016 Market Watch Here's what happens when someone is forced to retire because they're 'old' w12123
10/26/2016 The Wall Street Journal What the China Trade Warriors Get Wrong w21460 or summary
10/25/2016 Inside Higher Ed Impact and Nonimpact of Online Competition w22749 or summary
10/24/2016 The Christian Science Monitor From US to Europe, the face of employment is changing w22667 or summary
10/24/2016 Ottawa Citizen To make Canada grow, steal even more brains from abroad w22623 or summary
10/23/2016 The Wall Street Journal Sputtering Startups Weigh on U.S. Economic Growth w22095
10/22/2016 Huffington Post India If You Are A Highly Skilled Migrant, Don't Worry About Theresa May Or Donald Trump w22623 or summary
10/20/2016 Consumer Affairs Drug coupons steer consumers away from cheaper generic drugs w22745
10/16/2016 The Sydney Morning Herald What workers will pay not to work weekends w22708 or summary
10/16/2016 The Los Angeles Times Job hopping can be a good strategy for young workers w20628
10/14/2016 The Washington Post Researchers have debunked one of our most basic assumptions about how the world works w22690
10/14/2016 Politico America's innovation crisis w20717 & w22446
10/12/2016 The New Indian Express Why boycott calls against India's largest trade partner China will fail w12023
10/12/2016 The Washington Post The remarkable thing that happens to poor kids when you help their parents with rent w22721
10/11/2016 Market Place How much is a worker-friendly schedule worth? w22708 or summary
10/7/2016 Bloomberg Would You Take an 8% Pay Cut to Work From Home? w22708 or summary
10/6/2016 The New York Times The Two Faces of Freelancing w22667 or summary
10/5/2016 Harvard Business School Why Don't More People Get Flu Shots at Work?
10/4/2016 Smithsonian Botswana Unexpectedly Reverses Course on Ivory Trade w22314 or summary
10/4/2016 Science Daily Low lead levels in children negatively affect test scores w22558 or summary
9/28/2016 The New York Times More Wealth, More Jobs, but Not for Everyone: What Fuels the Backlash on Trade w21906
9/27/2016 CBS News What your dog's vet bill says about America's health care system w22669
9/26/2016 The New York Times It's Easy for Obamacare Critics to Overlook the Merits of Medicaid Expansion w20178 & w20835 & w20929 or summary & w22170 or summary
9/25/2016 Consumer Reports 4 Mistakes to Avoid During Open Enrollment w19373 & w21160
9/23/2016 Fortune Here's Why Donald Trump Is More Right About Immigration Than You Think w22656
9/23/2016 CBC News Elephant ivory trade under scrutiny at upcoming wildlife conference w22314 or summary
9/23/2016 PBS News Hour Air pollution takes its toll on productivity even for those with desk jobs w22328 or summary
9/23/2016 Market Watch Opinion: How to make more money in the stock market: Put away your computer w22605
9/23/2016 The Wall Street Journal The Risks of Giving Lawmakers a Raise w22571
9/21/2016 Pacific Standard Make America Great Again—Invest in High-Skilled Immigrants w22623 or summary
9/20/2016 The Chronicle of Higher Education Few Recent Graduates Were Actually Forced to Work as Baristas w22654
9/20/2016 Reuters Ivory trade debate resurfaces as southern Africa's elephants thrive
9/19/2016 The Wall Street Journal Student Debt Is Tied to Lower Grades Among College Students w22604
9/17/2016 The Guardian In Ohio, frackers are drilling. Soon Ineos will be doing the same in Britain w21624
9/17/2016 The Washington Post Finally, some good news for Obamacare w22170 or summary
9/16/2016 Science Daily Big data gives insight into appeal of services like uber w22627
9/8/2016 Time How Hiding Criminal Records Hurts Black and Hispanic Men w22469 or summary
9/8/2016 Bloomberg World War II Economy Is a Master Class in How to Fight Climate Change w22590
9/7/2016 The Washington Post Black defendants suffer when a judge's favorite football team loses w22611
9/7/2016 Bloomberg Fading College Dream Saps U.S. Economy of Productivity Miracle w22453
9/7/2016 Inside Higher Ed Study: College Football Upsets Affect Judges' Sentencing w22611
9/6/2016 The Atlantic ITT Tech's Road to Closure w22287
9/6/2016 Inside Philanthropy What Does This New Study Mean for the Future of Charter School Giving? w22502
9/4/2016 The Dallas Morning News Rise of freelancing, moonlighting is changing how Dallas does business w18376
9/3/2016 The New York Times You're How Old? We'll Be in Touch w21669
9/2/2016 The Wall Street Journal Appreciating the Big Role of Small Businesses w17041
9/2/2016 The Washington Post Researchers have found a cheap, easy trick that really helps poor kids learn to read w22558 or summary
8/31/2016 Market Watch How free college can affect you later in life w22574
8/30/2016 Bloomberg The $8 Trillion Fight Over How to Rid America of Fossil Fuel w22525
8/30/2016 Strategic Forecasting Metabolizing Japan, the World's Oldest Nation w22445
8/30/2016 Bloomberg Seriously, Don't Come to Work If You're Sick w22530
8/24/2016 The Washington Post How emergency rooms treat poorer kids differently w22542 or summary
8/23/2016 The Wall Street Journal Paid Sick Leave Reduces the Flu Rate "Significantly" w22530
8/23/2016 The Atlantic Would Electing More Women Fix Congress? w22488
8/21/2016 The Washington Post Are aging and the economic slowdown linked? w22452 or summary
8/19/2016 Bloomberg View Another Reason to Cheer for Local U w22501
8/15/2016 The New York Times Hesitant to Make That Big Life Change? Permission Granted w22487 or summary
8/11/2016 The Washington Post Turns out wind and solar have a secret friend: Natural gas w22454 or summary
8/9/2016 The Atlantic Considering a Big Change? Go for It, Says Evidence From 20,000 Coin Flips w22487 or summary
8/5/2016 Quartz Companies headed by introverts performed better in a study of thousands of CEOs w22435
8/4/2016 The Atlantic The Unforeseen Consequences of Banning the Box w22469 or summary
8/3/2016 The Washington Post This country has figured out the only way to save the American Dream w22465
7/29/2016 Bloomberg Here's a Reason Baby Boomers Will Curb U.S. Growth this Decade w22452 or summary
7/26/2016 Politifact At DNC, Bernie Sanders repeats claim that top one-tenth of 1% owns as much wealth as bottom 90% w20625
7/26/2016 Fortune Here's How Your Grandma Is Killing the Economy w22452 or summary
7/25/2016 US News and World Report Old People Are Holding the Economy Back w22452 or summary
7/25/2016 The Houston Chronicle Why renewables still need fossil fuels -- for now w22454 or summary
7/25/2016 Foreign Policy The Women on Top Theory w19277
7/21/2016 The New York Times Pointing a Finger at the Fed in the Lehman Disaster w22410
7/19/2016 The Washington Post The clearest proof yet that your job is killing you w22365
7/16/2016 The Sydney Morning Herald Austerity is the giant 'natural experiment' that cost a British treasurer his job w22374
7/13/2016 The Washington Examiner Study highlights what works in public charter schools w22390
7/13/2016 The Huffington Post 10 Smoke Signals Heralding The End Of Federal Medical Marijuana Prohibition w21345
7/13/2016 Financial Post w22351 w22351 or summary
7/13/2016 Bloomberg Price of Cleaner Air in China? $213 for Five Years w22367
7/13/2016 The Wall Street Journal How Much Chinese Are Willing to Pay for Cleaner Air w22367
7/12/2016 MTV Why it’s so Hard to Measure Racial Bias in Police Shootings w22399
7/11/2016 The New York Times Surprising New Evidence Shows Bias in Police Use of Force but Not in Shootings w22399
7/6/2016 Science How scientific culture discourages new ideas w21788 or summary
7/6/2016 PBS NewsHour How 'gambler's fallacy' affects your decision-making w22026 or summary
7/6/2016 The Washington Post A cheap, simple experiment just found a very effective way to slow deforestation w22378 or summary
7/4/2016 The Wall Street Journal Why Everyone Needs a Tax Cut w21020 & w21024 or summary
7/3/2016 The Washington Post Why so many black, Hispanic and poor kids miss out on gifted education w21519 or summary
6/30/2016 Voice of America Notorious US Study May Still Influence Black Men's Trust in Doctors w22323 or summary
6/30/2016 Business News Daily The Gig Economy's Growing Influence on the American Workforce
6/30/2016 The Washington Post A simple but controversial law that can make babies healthier w22373
6/30/2016 Twin Cities Public Television 5 Tips to Help Women Work Longer
6/28/2016 Forbes Yet Another Way The ACA Pays Providers To Restrict Access To Healthcare w22371
6/28/2016 PBS Newshour Working parents have two jobs - and both are important to the economy w20020
6/27/2016 Market Place What are the true costs of Medicaid? w22363
6/27/2016 Forbes Which Management Practices Are Most Beneficial To Firm Performance? w22327
6/27/2016 The Huffington Post Inside The Chicago Program That Is Slashing Youth Crime Rates w21178 or summary
6/25/2016 StarTribune Study finds misbehaving brokers stick around w22050
6/25/2016 The Economist Re-educating Rita w19656
6/25/2016 The New York Times Gov. Christie's Toxic School Plan w20118
6/22/2016 The Washington Post w22316 w22316
6/21/2016 Bankrate Are you a college grad? Here's why they offer you higher-rate credit cards w22360 or summary
6/20/2016 The Atlantic The Tuskegee Study and Black Culture w22323 or summary
6/17/2016 he New York Times Good News Hidden in the Data: Today's Children Are Healthier w22199
6/17/2016 The Wall Street Journal Want to Pay Less in Your Online Shopping? Search More w22302
6/17/2016 The New York Times Did Infamous Tuskegee Study Cause Lasting Mistrust of Doctors Among Blacks? w22323 or summary
6/16/2016 STAT w22323 w22323 or summary
6/16/2016 Bloomberg How to Raise the Retirement Age for People Who Want to Work w21939 or summary
6/15/2016 New York Magazine The Tuskegee Experiment Kept Killing Black People Decades After It Ended w22328 or summary
6/14/2016 The Washington Post The Hidden Toll of Air Pollution on Office Workers w22328 or summary
6/10/2016 Forbes Can Family Caregivers Reduce Hospital Costs? w22249
6/10/2016 New York Magazine The Obama Administration Is About to Crack Down on Shady For-Profit Colleges — and Possibly Offer Billions in Debt Relief for Students w22287
6/10/2016 The Los Angeles Times Even if you have health insurance, you may want to pay cash w21815 or summary
6/9/2016 The Street Investors Far Gloomier Than Facts Justify w22143 or summary
6/8/2016 Bloomberg Another Benefit to Being Tall: Increased Productivity w22290
6/6/2016 PBS Newshour Did a Norwegian law inadvertently cut innovation in universities? w22057 or summary
6/6/2016 USA Today Obstacles facing women of color in tech are steep, and surmountable w20909
6/6/2016 The Washington Post Few people realize this big risk when they go to the hospital w22288
6/5/2016 The Wall Street Journal College Loan Glut Worries Policy Makers w22287
6/2/2016 The National Law Review Obesity Research Opens a Door for Disability Policy w22249
6/2/2016 The Guardian Chicago residents take action to be rid of lead pipes as fear of toxic water grows w20366
6/1/2016 New York Magazine Most Students Who Attend For-Profit Colleges Make Less Money After They Leave w22287
6/1/2016 Bloomberg American Economy Hamstrung by Vanishing Startups, Innovation w21776 or summary
5/31/2016 The Washington Post A popular college investment promised students a career, but didn't pay off w22287
5/31/2016 Inside Higher Ed Not So Gainfully Employed w22287
5/31/2016 Market Watch Going to these colleges may decrease your earning potential w22287
5/28/2016 Forbes 5 Smart Moves To Make In Your 50s If You Want To Keeping Working In Your 60s w21669
5/26/2016 The Wall Street Journal Laid-Off and Looking for Work? Access to Credit Can Give You a Big Leg w22263
5/25/2016 Bloomberg Here's What Living Near a Toxic Waste Site Can Do to Kids' Grades w22263
5/24/2016 Bloomberg The One Time It's OK to Pile Up Credit-Card Debt w22274
5/23/2016 Forbes A Little Understanding Motivates Copyright Abusers To Pay Up w22082
5/18/2016 The Huffington Post The Gap Between Black and White Mortality Is Narrowing w22199
5/17/2016 The Wall Street Journal Women in Elite Jobs Face Stubborn Pay Gap w14681
5/13/2016 The Nation Why Is Elizabeth Warren Working With a Pro-Trump Republican? w22050
5/13/2016 The Washington Post Reaching the age when age is a liability - especially for women w22050
5/11/2016 Pacific Standard Making College Accessible to Low-Income Students Is About More Than Just Tuition w22217
5/5/2016 The Washington Post The tremendously good news about the young that we've been ignoring w22199
5/4/2016 Forbes From The Industrial Age To The Information Age: Where Have All The Factories Gone?
5/3/2016 The Baltimore Sun What a summer job can do for Baltimore's youth w20810 or summary
4/29/2016 The Christian Science Monitor Teen pregnancies at all-time low. Is peer influence responsible? w19795
4/28/2016 The New York Times Marijuana and Opioids w21345
4/27/2016 Bloomberg How Americans Blow $1.7 Trillion in Retirement Savings w21482 or summary
4/27/2016 The New York Times Athletes Chosen in NFL Draft Need to Plan for the Long Game w21085
4/22/2016 Science Elsewhere in Science: Measuring influence, intellectual property, and more w22057 or summary
4/22/2016 The New Yorker The Nineteenth-Century Idea that Could Keep the U.S. Postal Service Alive w21932
4/20/2016 The New York Times Obamacare Seems to Be Reducing People's Medical Debt w22170 or summary
4/19/2016 The Wall Street Journal Voters Stung by Chinese Import Competition Turned to Democrats w22178
4/18/2016 USA Today Voices: If we had parental leave, our sons might still be alive today w17105
4/18/2016 The Huffington Post How One Mississippi District Made Integration Work w16664 or summary
4/18/2016 The Guardian Risk in business: does he who dares really win? w19276
4/17/2016 The New York Times Discord Grows Among the Parties Over Greek Debt Talks
4/15/2016 The Atlantic What Caused the Great Crime Decline in the U.S.? w15354 & w18731
4/12/2016 Los Angeles Times The gender pay gap: In California, it adds up to $39 billion w21913
4/11/2016 Mass Live The real reason women still get paid less w21913
4/11/2016 The New York Times The Rich Live Longer Everywhere. For the Poor, Geography Matters. w22142
4/4/2016 The Economist Why opposing free-trade agreements is a clever campaign strategy w21899
4/2/2016 Miami Herald Blue collar voters: Trade is killing us w21906
3/31/2016 The New York Times With 'Gigs' Instead of Jobs, Workers Bear New Burdens
3/29/2016 Inside Higher Ed Losing Games vs. Losing Students w22120
3/29/2016 The Wall Street Journal Why Trade Critics Are Getting Traction w21906
3/26/2016 Newsweek How China Wrecked Free Trade w21906
3/25/2016 PBS Newshour Male veterans face declining wealth and work prospects w21376
3/23/2016 Houston Chronicle A&M researchers doubt countries can meet Paris climate goals w22075
3/23/2016 The Economist In death, there is life w21788 or summary
3/23/2016 The Economist Fudge-ocracy w21963
3/19/2016 The New York Times Carrier Workers See Costs, Not Benefits, of Global Trade w21906
3/17/2016 The Wall Street Journal Half of U.S. May Endure 'Lost Decade' of Depressed Employment w21618
3/15/2016 The Washington Post As temperatures soar, new doubts arise about holding warming to 2 degrees C w22075
3/15/2016 The Washington Post One reason you might be better off driving for Uber than in a taxi w22083
3/15/2016 Chicago Tribune Uber winning the efficiency war with traditional taxis: study w22083
3/14/2016 The Atlantic Per Hour and Per Mile, Uber Drivers May Be More Efficient Than Cabbies w22083
3/12/2016 The Columbus Dispatch Kasich rolls up endorsements, but how much do they matter? w14445
3/9/2016 The Atlantic The Trouble With Investing Like Everyone Else w22065
3/9/2016 The Washington Post Gamblers, judges and baseball umpires constantly make this dumb mistake w22026 or summary
3/9/2016 Forbes Helping Boys Become Men--And Stay Alive In Chicago w19014 & w21178 or summary
3/8/2016 Harvard Business Review What Makes New Orleans a Startup City to Rival the "Big Three" w15102 or summary
3/4/2016 The New York Times Silicon Valley Has Not Saved Us From a Productivity Slowdown w21974 or summary
3/3/2016 Forbes w9873 w9873 or summary
3/2/2016 Money Magazine How the State of the Economy Can Cause Drug Abuse to Soar w22051
3/2/2016 The Daily News Donald Trump wins Republicans' hearts with Democratic ideals
3/1/2016 Houston Chronicle Consumers need safeguards in high-deductible health plans w21031 or summary
2/25/2016 The Atlantic Why Blacks and Hispanics Have Such Expensive Mortgages w22004
2/25/2016 Science What makes elite academics move? w21995
2/24/2016 The Washington Post Researchers have discovered a new and surprising racial bias in the criminal justice system w22003
2/24/2016 The New York Times Calorie Counts on the Kids' Menu w21992
2/23/2016 The Atlantic The Immigration-Data Conundrum w21982
2/22/2016 Education Week Do Segregated Schools Breed Crime Partnerships? w21962
2/19/2016 PBS Newshour w21756 w21756 or summary
2/18/2016 STAT Calorie counts on menus: Do They work? w21992
2/18/2016 Boulder Weekly Marijuana contra heroin and Oxycodone (not in that order) w21345
2/17/2016 Quartz Teachers have a lesson for business about how to improve their worst performers w21986
2/11/2016 The Atlantic What's Really Behind Why Women Earn Less Than Men? w21913
2/10/2016 Market Watch How much is the government to blame for skyrocketing college tuition? w21967
2/9/2016 The Atlantic Searching for the Origins of the Racial Wage Disparity In Jim Crow America w21947
2/8/2016 Al Monitor Is this the end of Turkish miracle? w21608
2/8/2016 The Washington Post Why people cheat w10269
2/8/2016 New York Magazine The painful rise of high-deductible health insurance w21632 or summary
2/7/2016 The Wall Street Journal Are Too Many Choices Costing 401(k) Holders? w21854
2/6/2016 The Economist Trade in the balance w21906
2/1/2016 The Wall Street Journal Which Party Really Benefits From More Immigrants? w21941
1/29/2016 The Washington Post The striking power of poverty to turn young boys into jobless men w21936 or summary
1/29/2016 New York Magazine Researchers Have Calculated How Much Time We Spend Slacking Off at Work w21923
1/28/2016 The New York Times So What Would It Mean to ‘Beat China’ on Trade? w19226 or summary & w21922
1/25/2016 Fortune Here's Why You're Slacking Off More at Work w21923
1/25/2016 The Washington Post Sometimes, teacher turnover is a good thing w21922
1/24/2016 The Atlantic How Immigrants Fit Into America's Economy, Now and 100 Years Ago w21882
1/19/2016 The New York Times The Debate on Whether America's Best Days Are Past, or Ahead w18315
1/19/2016 Fortune The More Women Earn, The Sicker They Feel
1/16/2016 Newsday Blame Washington for skyrocketed college costs
1/13/2016 The Times of India Kids in large families at risk of behavioural problems w21824
1/10/2016 International Business Times Louisiana's Controversial Voucher Program Harms Poor Students, Lowers Grades, New Study Finds w21839
1/6/2016 The Washington Post One of the biggest fears about Obamacare never happened w21836
1/5/2016 Market Watch Study finds higher minimum wage hurting youth employment w21830
1/5/2016 The Atlantic Can Taxes Encourage Better Corporate Behavior? w21834
1/4/2016 Bloomberg View Why Economists Took So Long to Focus on Inequality w4229
1/4/2016 Houston Chronicle Reports of rape spike on college football game days, study finds w21828