NBER-IFS International Network on the Value of Medical Research

The network is directed by David Cutler (Harvard and NBER) and James Banks (Institute for Fiscal Studies and University of Manchester). As it evolves we expect the number of members, and the disciplines and sub-disciplines represented, to grow on both sides of the Atlantic.

Current Network Members

Daron Acemoglu MIT and NBER
Pierre Azoulay MIT and NBER
Richard Barker Oxford and University College London
Jay Bhattacharya Stanford and NBER
Richard Blundell IFS and University College London
Richard Freeman Harvard and NBER
Rachel Griffith IFS and University of Manchester
Julia Lane New York University
Danielle Li MIT Sloan School of Management
Frank Lichtenberg Columbia and NBER
Helen Miller IFS
Enrico Moretti UC Berkeley and NBER
Steve Morris University College London
Mikko Packalen University of Waterloo
Bhaven Sampat Columbia and NBER
Ariel D. Stern Harvard Business School
Scott Stern MIT and NBER
Matt Sutton University of Manchester
Robert Topel University of Chicago and NBER
Marcos Vera Hernandez University College London and IFS
Bruce Weinberg Ohio State and NBER
Heidi Williams MIT and NBER


  • Funding for this network is provided by the National Institute on Aging through grant R24AG058049 to the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) and by the Economic and Social Research Council through grant ES/M008673/1 to the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS).
    For more information, contact valmed @ nber.org