NBER Project on Satellite National Health Accounts

Attribution of Health Care Costs to Diseases: Does the Method Matter?
Rosen, A. B., Aizcorbe, A., Highfill, T., Chernew, M. E., Liebman, E., Ghosh, K.& Cutler, D. M.
In: Aizcorbe A, Baker C, Berndt E, Cutler D, eds. (2018.) Measuring and Modeling Health Care Costs (NBER Book Series Studies in Income and Wealth). Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.

Attributing Medical Spending to Conditions: A Comparison of Methods
(NBER Working Paper No. 25233)
Cutler D.M, Ghosh K., Bondarenko I., Messer K., Raghunathan T.E,.Stewart S.T. & Rosen A.B

Strengthening National Data to Better Measure What We Are Buying in Health Care: Reconciling National Health Expenditures with Detailed Survey Data
(NBER Working Paper No. 23290)
Allison B. Rosen, Kaushik Ghosh, Emily S. Pape, Marcelo Coca Perraillon, Irina Bondarenko, Kassandra L. Messer, Trivellore Raghunathan, Susan T. Stewart, David M. Cutler