Brandeis University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Graduate School of International Economics and Finance

1994-                 Associate Professor (1994-99) and then Professor of Economics.  Teaching industrial organization, environmental economics and regulatory economics.  Current research examines the use of patent citation data to trace knowledge flows; evaluation of public science and technology programs; and the role of energy prices and public policy in energy-related technological change.


2000-                 Economics Department Chair

2001                  Chair, University Intellectual Property Policy Committee

2001                  Member, University Advisory Council


National Bureau of Economic Research

1999-                 Co-organizer, Innovation Policy and the Economy Group.  IPE brings together academics and public policy professionals to discuss research results that bear on major issues of public policy relating to innovation and its effects on the economy.  Activities include research meetings and an annual volume of papers published by MIT Press.


1994-99             Project Coordinator, NBER Research Project on Industrial Technology and Productivity.  This project encourages economists who study productivity issues to include direct observation of plants and interviews with business people as part of their research methodology.


Harvard University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences

1989-94             Associate Professor of Economics. Taught graduate and undergraduate courses in Applied Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Economics of Innovation, and Government Regulation and Antitrust Policy.  (On leave, academic year 1990-91; visiting the Kennedy School of Government, 1992-94)


1985-89             Assistant Professor of Economics.


President's Council of Economic Advisers

1990-91             Senior Staff Economist.



1980-85             Ph.D. in Economics, Harvard University.  Thesis:  "Quantifying the Effects of  Technological Opportunity and Research Spillovers in Industrial Innovation."


1976-78             S.M. in Technology and Policy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Thesis:  "Regulating Chemicals:  Product and Process Technology as a Determinant of the Compliance Response."


1973-76             S.B. in Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.



            Introductory Economics (undergraduate)

            Microeconomic Theory (Ph.D.)

            Law and Economics (undergraduate)

            Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (undergraduate)

            Government Regulation and Antitrust Policy (undergraduate and Ph.D.)

            R&D, Innovation and Productivity Growth (undergraduate)

            Industrial Organization (Ph.D. and undergraduate)

            Applied Welfare Economics (John F. Kennedy School of Government)


            Foundation for American Communications, economics education for journalists, “The Role of Government in the Economy” (1996)



“Patent Citations and International Knowledge Flow: The Cases of Korea and Taiwan” (with A. Hu), NBER Working Paper No. W8528, October 2001


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Innovation Policy and the Economy, (edited with J. Lerner and S. Stern), M.I.T. Press, Cambridge, Volume 1 (2001) and Volume 2 (2001)


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National Research Council, Board on Science, Technology and Economic Policy, Workshop on Research and Innovation Indicators for Public Policy, February 1997



Member, Board of Editors, Journal of Industrial Economics, 1995-present


Associate Editor, Rand Journal of Economics, 1997-present


Guest Associate Editor, Management Science Special Issue:  “Managing Knowledge in Organizations,” 2001


Member, Board of Editors, American Economic Review, 1995-2000


Lead Author, Third Assessment Report, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 1998-2001


Member, National Academy of Engineering Committee on the Impact of Academic Research on Industrial Performance, 1998-2001


Co-organizer of the NBER Science and Technology Policy Research Workshop, 1995-1998


Member, Economic Impact Committee, Association of University Technology Managers, 1994-95


Contributing Author, Working Group III (socioeconomics) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), 1994


Member, Stanford Energy Modeling Forum, Working Group on Energy Conservation (EMF 13), 1992-94


Referee/Reviewer for American Economic Review, Journal of Applied Econometrics, Econometrica, Economic Inquiry, Economic Journal, Economics of Innovation and New Technology, Journal of Economics Organization and Management, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Journal of Health Economics, Journal of Industrial Economics, Journal of Law and Economics, Journal of Political Economy, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Rand Journal of Economics, Research Policy, Review of Economics and Statistics, Science, and MIT Press.



“A Protocol for Empirical Measurement of the Impact of Public Research Funding,” National Science Foundation, 2000-2001


“The Effects of Government Policies on the Invention, Innovation, and Diffusion of Energy-Efficient Technologies,” U.S. Department of Energy, 1998-2001


"Energy-Efficiency Innovation and the Economic and Regulatory Environment:  Analyzing Endogenous and Autonomous Technological Change for Integrated Assessment Models," U.S. Department of Energy, 1995-1998


"Using Patent Citation Data to Trace Knowledge Flows," National Science Foundation, 1994-98


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"Getting Down to Basics:  Using University and Corporate Patents to Identify Basic Inventions and Trace Their Diffusion," National Science Foundation, 1991-92


"Evaluating the Relative Effectiveness of Economic Incentives and Direct Regulation for Environmental Protection:  Impacts on the Diffusion of Technology," U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1991-93



Research Associate (1994-present) and Faculty Research Fellow (1985-1994), National Bureau of Economic Research


Alfred P. Sloan Dissertation Fellowship, Harvard, 1984-85


Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship, MIT, 1976-77; Phi Beta Kappa, MIT, 1976

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