Alan Stuart Blinder


                                                                                                                               February 2001



Department of Economics

Princeton University               

Princeton, NJ  08544-1021

Phone:  609-258-3358

FAX:    609-258-5398



Personal Data


Born:  October 14, 1945, Brooklyn, New York.

Marital Status:  married; two sons, ages 28 and 24


Educational Background


Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, l97l

M.Sc. (Econ.), London School of Economics, 1968

A.B., Princeton University, summa cum laude in economics, 1967.


Government Service


Vice Chairman, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System,  1994-1996.

Member, President's Council of Economic Advisers, 1993-1994.

Deputy Assistant Director, Congressional Budget Office, 1975.




Adam Smith Award, National Association for Business Economics, 1999.

Member, American Philosophical Society, 1996-.

Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1991-.

Member, Council on Foreign Relations, 1997- .

Honorary Fellow, Foreign Policy Association, 2000-.

Fellow, Econometric Society, 1981‑ .



Professional Activities


Partner, Promontory Financial Group, 2000-.

Vice Chairman, The G7 Group, 1997- .

Member, Board of Governors, American Stock Exchange, 1998- .

Chairman, Steering Committee, SSRC Program in Applied Economics, 1997- .

Trustee, Russell Sage Foundation, 1996- .

Member of the Board, Center for Working Capital, AFL-CIO, 1999- .

Member, Board of Advisors, Saber Partners, 2000.-

Member, Board of Advisors, Center for International Political Economy, 1998- .

Member, Advisory Committee on Cyclical Indicators, Conference Board, 1996-.

Member, Advisory Board, Economic Studies Program, Brookings Institution, 1996-.

Member, Board of Advisors, Jerome Levy Economics Institute, 1992-93, 1996-.

Member, Advisory Board, Center for Research on Child Wellbeing, 1997- .

Member, Brookings Panel on Economic Activity, 1981 and 1985;

     Senior Adviser, 1982‑1993, 1996-.

Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research, 1978‑1993, 1996-.

Member, Conference on Research in Income and Wealth (NBER), 1988‑1993, 1996-.


Member, Council of Foreign Relations’ Economic Task Force on Japan, 1999-2000.

Member, Research Advisory Board, Committee for Economic Development, 1992-1993, 1996-99.

Vice‑President, American Economic Association, 1989.

     Executive Committee, 1985‑87.

     Commission on Graduate Education, 1988‑1990.

     Committee on Honors and Awards, 1988‑1993.

Vice President, Eastern Economic Association, 1992-93.

Member, Academic Advisory Panel, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 1990-1993.

Member, Selection Committee, Frank E. Seidman Distinguished Award in Political Economy, 1991-1992.

Member, Board of Directors, Social Science Research Council, 1987‑1990.

     Executive Committee, 1988‑90.

Member, Advisory Committee on Economics, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, 1984‑1993.

Member, NSF Economics Panel, 1985‑1986.

Chairman, Economic Policy Committee, National Policy Exchange, 1981‑1985.

Member, National Academy of Social Insurance, 1988‑1994.

Member of Advisory Board, Penman Asset Management, 1992-1993.


Editorial and Journalistic Activities


Founding Advisor, Cogito Learning Media, 1997-.

Economics columnist, Business Week, 1985‑1992.

Economics columnist, The Boston Globe, 1981‑1985.

Occasional columnist, Washington Post, 1982‑1990.

Occasional columnist, Newsday, 1987‑1992.

Editorial advisor, Bristlecone Books, 1990-1992.

Member, Board of Editors, Journal of Economic Literature, 1981‑1984, 1988‑1993.

Member, International Advisory Board, World Economics, 2000-.

Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Monetary Economics, 1981‑1993.

Associate Editor, Journal of Public Economics, 1982‑1993.

Member, Editorial Board, Challenge, 1984‑1993.

Member, Board of Editors, The American Prospect, 1989-1993.



Special Lectureships


Sturc Lecturer, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, 2000.

Adam Smith Lecturer, National Association for Business Economics, September 1999.

Dunlap Lecturer, University of Dubuque, March 1997.

Robbins Lecturer, London School of Economics, October 1996.

Marshall Lecturer, Cambridge University, May 1995.

Frederick H. Schultz Lecturer, University of North Florida, November 1994.

Bogen Lecturer, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, December 1992.

Joseph L. Lucia Lecturer, Villanova University, October 1992.

Kane Lecturer, Bentley College, November 1991.

Distinguished Speaker, Eastern Economic Association, March 1990.

H. Chase Stone Lecturer, Colorado College, January 1990.

Tennenbaum Lecturer, Georgia Institute of Technology, Nov. 1989.

Henry George Lecturer, University of Scranton, October 1988.

Richard T. Ely Lecturer, American Economic Association, Dec. 1987.

David Kinley Lecturer, University of Illinois, October 1986.

Kathleen Bryan Lecturer, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, March 1986.

W. S. Woytinsky Lecturer, University of Michigan, December 1981.



Teaching Experience


Gordon S. Rentschler Memorial Professor of Economics, Princeton University, 1982‑ .

Director, Center for Economic Policy Studies, Princeton University, 1989-1993, 1996-.

Chairman, Department of Economics, Princeton University, 1988‑1990.

Professor of Economics, Princeton University, 1979‑1982.

Associate Professor of Economics, Princeton University, 1976‑1979.

Bicentennial Preceptor, Princeton University, 1975‑1978.

Assistant Professor of Economics, Princeton University, 1971-1976.

Instructor in Economics, Boston State College, Boston, MA, 1969.

Instructor in Finance, Rider College, Trenton, NJ, 1968‑1969.



Visiting Appointments


Visiting Fellow, The Brookings Institution, 1999-2000.

Visiting Scholar, Russell Sage Foundation, 1991-1992.

Visiting Scholar, Economic Planning Agency, Tokyo, Summer 1991.

Visiting Fellow, The Brookings Institution, 1985‑1986.

Bryan Visiting Professor, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, March 1986.

Visiting Professor, Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm, Summer 1983.

Visiting Professor, Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna, Summer 1982.

Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies, Hebrew University of  Jerusalem, 1976‑1977.

Visiting Assistant Professor, Stanford University, 1974.







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