U.S. Imports and Exports by 4-digit SIC Industry, 1958-94

October 97

The value of U.S. imports and exports by 4-digit SIC industry are reported in the file SIC58_94.ASC. This file also reports the 1958-1991 value of domestic shipments from Eric J. Bartelsman and Wayne B. Gray (NBER Productivity Database), which were updated to 1992 using data from the Annual Survey of Manufactures provided by Gordon H. Hanson, Department of Economics, University of Texas, Austin.

The value of c.i.f. (cost including freight) imports for 1974-94 and f.a.s. (free alongside ship) exports for 1972-94, by SIC industry and by source or destination country, have been computed by Robert Feenstra. This was part of a larger NBER project devoted to collecting trade data, with funding from the National Science Foundation. These data are reported in the CD-ROMs "NBER Trade Database, Disk 1: U.S. Imports, 1972-1994," and "Disk 3: U.S. Exports, 1972-1994," which can be ordered from the NBER at 617-868-3900 or by email at orders@nber.org. (Disk 3 will not be available until May 1997, while Disk 1 is available now. Disk 2 entitled "World Trade Data, 1970-1992," is also available now, but to academic purchasers only).

The value of U.S. imports for 1974-94 and U.S. exports for 1972-94 are taken from these CD-ROMs and reported in the file SIC58_94.ASC. In addition, this file uses the value of U.S. imports and exports computed for earlier years by John Abowd. In order to splice these series together, the ratio of the import values from Feenstra and from Abowd were computed for each 4-digit SIC industry in 1974, and the same for the export values for each industry in 1972, and then the import and export values for earlier years from Abowd were multiplied by these ratios. Thus, the values from Abowd have been adjusted to match those from Feenstra in 1972 or 1974.

It should be noted the the value of imports reported in this file is a revised version (for the years 1989-1992) of the value of imports reported in the NBER Trade Database, Disk 1, and reported prior to February 28, 1997, at this Web and FTP site.

Record Layout for SIC58_94.ASC:
Columns Variable
1-4 4-digit SIC number (1972 basis)
6-7 Year
9-20 Import value (CIF, millions of dollars)
22-33 Export value (FAS, millions of dollars)
35-43 Industry Shipments (millions of dollars)

Size: SIC58_94.ASC has 16,650 records.

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Robert C. Feenstra
Department of Economics
University of California, Davis and National Bureau of Economic Research

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