Reading Current Population Survey (CPS) Basic Monthly Data 2000-2002 Extract Files with SAS, SPSS, or Stata

Several major changes which affected 2003 Current Population Survey are described in the quote below and in detail :

The CPS adopted the 2002 Census Bureau industry and occupation classification systems, which are derived from the 2002 North American Industry Classification System and the 2000 Standard Occupation Classification System. These new classification systems create breaks in the time series for occupational and industry data at all levels of aggregation.
In addition, the Census 2000-based weights were implemented beginning in January 2003. ( The CPS March 2002 supplement and the March 2001 SCHIP files used Census 2000-based weights as well ) .

For comparison over time, the BLS released the 2000-2002 Current Population Survey Extract files. The Extract files contain revised class of worker, industry, occupation, union, and Census 2000-based weight variables. The BLS also produced many tables comparing the distribution of the 1990 and 2002 industry and occupation codes.
Sample tables for class of worker and the union variables are given below to illustrate the change.

class of worker union coverage union member

The SAS, SPSS, and Stata files were created by at the NBER to make access to the BLS/Census Current Population Survey Extract files a bit more straightforward and easy. The monthly files can be matched to the original CPS Basic Monthly data files using QSTNUM, HRMONTH, HRYEAR4, and OCCURNUM.

The data files are available for faster download at the Data Ferret FTP page.

To download files in Internet Explorer, right click on them and select "Save Target As...".

Updates and changes.

Year Month
SAS SPSS Stata .do Stata .dct
2000 Jan rw0001.dat.Z cpsrw00.ddf rw0001 rw0001 rw0001 rw0001
2000 Feb rw0002.dat.Z rw0002 rw0002 rw0002 rw0002
2000 Mar rw0003.dat.Z rw0003 rw0003 rw0003 rw0003
2000 Apr rw0004.dat.Z rw0004 rw0004 rw0004 rw0004
2000 May rw0005.dat.Z rw0005 rw0005 rw0005 rw0005
2000 Jun rw0006.dat.Z rw0006 rw0006 rw0006 rw0006
2000 Jul rw0007.dat.Z rw0007 rw0007 rw0007 rw0007
2000 Aug rw0008.dat.Z rw0008 rw0008 rw0008 rw0008
2000 Sep rw0009.dat.Z rw0009 rw0009 rw0009 rw0009
2000 Oct rw0010.dat.Z rw0010 rw0010 rw0010 rw0010
2000 Nov rw0011.dat.Z rw0011 rw0011 rw0011 rw0011
2000 Dec rw0012.dat.Z rw0012 rw0012 rw0012 rw0012
2001 Jan rw0101.dat.Z rw0101 rw0101 rw0101 rw0101
2001 Feb rw0102.dat.Z rw0102 rw0102 rw0102 rw0102
2001 Mar rw0103.dat.Z rw0103 rw0103 rw0103 rw0103
2001 Apr rw0104.dat.Z rw0104 rw0104 rw0104 rw0104
2001 May rw0105.dat.Z rw0105 rw0105 rw0105 rw0105
2001 Jun rw0106.dat.Z rw0106 rw0106 rw0106 rw0106
2001 Jul rw0107.dat.Z rw0107 rw0107 rw0107 rw0107
2001 Aug rw0108.dat.Z rw0108 rw0108 rw0108 rw0108
2001 Sep rw0109.dat.Z rw0109 rw0109 rw0109 rw0109
2001 Oct rw0110.dat.Z rw0110 rw0110 rw0110 rw0110
2001 Nov rw0111.dat.Z rw0111 rw0111 rw0111 rw0111
2001 Dec rw0112.dat.Z rw0112 rw0112 rw0112 rw0112
2002 Jan rw0201.dat.Z rw0201 rw0201 rw0201 rw0201
2002 Feb rw0202.dat.Z rw0202 rw0202 rw0202 rw0202
2002 Mar rw0203.dat.Z rw0203 rw0203 rw0203 rw0203
2002 Apr rw0204.dat.Z rw0204 rw0204 rw0204 rw0204
2002 May rw0205.dat.Z rw0205 rw0205 rw0205 rw0205
2002 Jun rw0206.dat.Z rw0206 rw0206 rw0206 rw0206
2002 Jul rw0207.dat.Z rw0207 rw0207 rw0207 rw0207
2002 Aug rw0208.dat.Z rw0208 rw0208 rw0208 rw0208
2002 Sep rw0209.dat.Z rw0209 rw0209 rw0209 rw0209
2002 Oct rw0210.dat.Z rw0210 rw0210 rw0210 rw0210
2002 Nov rw0211.dat.Z rw0211 rw0211 rw0211 rw0211
2002 Dec rw0212.dat.Z rw0212 rw0212 rw0212 rw0212

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