NBER Books - Themes in the Economics of Aging

Themes in the Economics of Aging
David A. Wise, editor

The University of Chicago Press, 2001
Cloth: $75.00
ISBN: 0-226-90284-6

Table of Contents:

    David A. Wise

I. Personal Retirement Plans

    1. Preretirement Cashouts and Foregone Retirement Saving: Implications for 401(k) Asset Accumulation
    James M. Poterba, Steven F. Venti and David A. Wise

      Comment: John B. Shoven

    2. The Personal Security Account 2000 Plan, Market Outcomes, and Risk
    Sylvester J. Schieber and John B. Shoven

      Comment: Steven F. Venti

    3. Are the Elderly Really Over-Annuitized? New Evidence on Life Insurance and Bequests
    Jeffrey R. Brown

      Comment: Anne Case

II. Wealth and Health

    4. Mortality, Education, Income, and Inequality among American Cohorts
    Angus Deaton and Christina Paxson

      Comment: James P. Smith

    5. Predictors of Mortality among the Elderly
    Michael D. Hurd, Daniel McFadden and Angela Merrill

      Comment: Finis Welch

III. Health Care

    6. Trends in Medicare Spending Near the End of Life
    Jeffrey Geppert and Mark McClellan

      Comment: David M. Cutler

    7. The Concentration of Medical Spending: An Update
    David M. Cutler and Ellen Meara

      Comment: Joseph P. Newhouse

    8. The Sources of Cost Difference in Health Insurance Plans: A Decomposition Analysis
    Matthew Eichner, Mark McClellan and David A. Wise

      Comment: Joseph P. Newhouse

IV. Social Security Provisions and Retirement

    9. Incentive Effects of Social Security under an Uncertain Disability Option
    Axel Börsch-Supan

      Comment: Daniel McFadden

    10. Social Security Incentives for Retirement
    Courtney Coile and Jonathan Gruber

      Comment: Andrew A. Samwick

V. Bequests and Dissaving

    11. Anticipated and Actual Bequests
    Michael D. Hurd and James P. Smith

      Comment: David Laibson