Privatizing Social Security

Privatizing Social Security
Martin Feldstein, editor

The University of Chicago Press, 1998
Cloth: $60.00; Paper: $27.50
478 pages
ISBN: 0-226-24101-7 (cloth): 0-226-24102-5 (paper)

Table of Contents:

    Martin Feldstein

    I - Country Studies

    1. The Chilean Pension Reform: A Pioneering Program
    Sebastian Edwards

      Comment: Stephen P. Zeldes

    Discussion Summary

    2. Australia's Retirement Income System
    Malcolm Edey and John Simon

      Comment: John Piggott

    Discussion Summary

    3. The Roles of the Public and Private Sectors in the U.K. Pension System
    Alan Budd and Nigel Campbell

      Comment: Richard Disney

    Discussion Summary

    4. Pension System Reform: The Mexican Case
    Carlos Sales-Sarrapy, Fernando Solís-Soberón and Alejandro Villagómez-Amezcua

      Comment: Aaron Tornell

    Discussion Summary

    5. The Shift to a Funded Social Security System: The Case of Argentina
    Joaquín Cottani and Gustavo Demarco

      Comment: Anita M. Schwarz

    Discussion Summary

    II - Privatization Issues for the United States

    6. The Transition Path in Privatizing Social Security
    Martin Feldstein and Andrew Samwick

      Comment: John B. Shoven

    Discussion Summary

    7. Simulating the Privatization of Social Security in General Equilibrium
    Laurence J. Kotlikoff

      Comment: Thomas J. Sargent

    Discussion Summary

    8. Privatizing Social Security: First-Round Effects of a Generic, Voluntary, Privatized U.S. Social Security System
    Alan L. Gustman and Thomas L. Steinmeier

      Comment: David M. Cutler

    Discussion Summary

    9. Individual Financial Decisions in Retirement Saving Plans and the Provision of Resources for Retirement
    James M. Poterba and David A. Wise

      Comment: Jack L. VanDerhei

    Discussion Summary

    10. Administrative Costs in Public and Private Retirement Systems
    Olivia S. Mitchell

      Comment: Sylvester J. Schieber

    Discussion Summary