NBER Books - International Capital Flows

International Capital Flows
Martin Feldstein, editor

The University of Chicago Press, 1999
Cloth: $60.00; Paper: $25.00
578 pages
ISBN: 0-226-24103-3 (cloth); 0-226-24104-1 (paper)

Table of Contents:

    Martin Feldstein

    I. Capital Flows to Latin America

    1. Sebastian Edwards
    2. Francisco Gil Diaz
    3. Arminio Fraga

    Discussion Summary

    II. Capital Flows to Eastern Europe

    1. Hans Peter Lankes and Nicholas Stern
    2. W. Michael Blumenthal
    3. Jiri Weigl

    Discussion Summary

    III. Capital Flows to East Asia

    1. Takatoshi Ito
    2. Kathryn M. Dominguez
    3. Moeen Qureshi
    4. Zhang Shengman
    5. Masaru Yoshitomi

    Discussion Summary

    IV. The Evolving Role of Banks in International Capital Flows

    1. Bankim Chadha and David Folkerts-Landau
    2. Mervyn King
    3. Roberto G. Mendoza

    Discussion Summary

    V. The Role of Equity Markets in International Capital Flows

    1. Linda L. Tesar
    2. René M. Stulz
    3. Stephen Friedman
    4. George N. Hatsopoulos

    Discussion Summary

    VI. The Role of Foreign Direct Investment in International Capital Flows

    1. Robert E. Lipsey
    2. Robert C. Feenstra
    3. Carl H Hahn
    4. George N. Hatsopoulos

    Discussion Summary

    VII. Risks to Lenders and Borrowers in International Capital Markets

    1. Benjamin E. Hermalin and Andrew K. Rose
    2. Peter M. Garber
    3. Andrew Crockett
    4. David W. Mullins, Jr.

    Discussion Summary

    VIII. Currency Crises

    1. Paul Krugman
    2. Kenneth Rogoff
    3. Stanley Fischer
    4. William J. McDonough

    Discussion Summary