Inter-American Seminar on Economics

Inter-American Seminar on Economics
Sebastian Edwards and Edgardo Zablotsky, editors

Journal of Development Economics, Volume 66, no. 2, December 2001, p. 349-579
Elsevier Science Publishers

Table of Contents:

    Sebastian Edwards and Edgardo Zablotsky

    1. Verifying Exchange Rate Regimes
    Jeffrey A. Frankel, Eduardo Fajnzylber, Sergio L. Schmukler and Luis Servén

    2. Why Do Countries Float the Way They Float?
    Ricardo Hausmann, Ugo Panizza and Ernesto Stein

    3. Monetary Policy Strategies for Latin America
    Frederic S. Mishkin and Migual A. Savastano

    4. Monetary Policy in a Dollarized Economy Where Balance Sheets Matter
    Roberto Chang and Andrés Velasco

    5. Emerging Equity Markets and Economic Development
    Geert Bekaert, Campbell R. Harvey and Christian Lundblad

    6. Volatility Dependence and Contagion in Emerging Equity Markets
    Sebastian Edwards and Raul Susmel

    7. Stopping Hot Money
    Hali Edison and Carmen M. Reinhart

    8. The Evolution of Inequality After Trade Liberalization
    Ronald D. Fischer