NBER Retirement Research Center

Issues for Retirement Security

11th Annual Joint Conference of the Retirement Research Consortium

August 10-11, 2009

National Press Club, Washington, DC

Longevity and Old-Age Consumption

Samuel Preston, University of Pennsylvania
Causes of Lagging Life Expectancy at Older Ages in the United States    
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Alan Gustman and Nahid Tabatabai, Dartmouth; Thomas Steinmeier, Texas Tech
How Do Pension Changes Affect Retirement Preparedness? The Trend to Defined Contribution Plans and the Vulnerability of the Retirement Age Population to the Stock Market Decline of 2008-2009    
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Gary V. Engelhardt, Syracuse University, and Jonathan Gruber, MIT
Medicare Part D and the Financial Security of the Elderly     
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Financial Literacy and Social Security
Annamaria Lusardi, Dartmouth, and Olivia S. Mitchell, University of Pennsylvania
How Ordinary Consumers Make Complex Economic Decisions: Financial Literacy and Retirement Readiness    
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Hugo A. Benítez-Silva, SUNY-Stony Brook; Berna Demiralp, Old Dominion University; and Zhen Liu, University at Buffalo
Social Security Literacy and Retirement Well-Being    
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Giovanni Mastrobuoni, Colegio Carlo Alberto and CeRP (Steven H. Sandell Scholar)
The Role of Information for Retirement Behavior: Evidence Based on the Stepwise Introduction of the Social Security Statement     
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Housing, Other Assets, and Retirement Security
Karen Smith, Mauricio Soto and Rudolph Penner, Urban Institute
How Seniors Change Their Asset Holdings During Retirement    
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Barry Bosworth, the Brookings Institution
The Wealth of Older Americans and the Sub-prime Debacle     
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Nadia Greenhalgh-Stanley, Syracuse University (Dissertation Fellow)
Medicaid and the Housing and Asset Decisions of the Elderly: Evidence from Estate Recovery Programs    
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Alternative Approaches to Retirement Security
Alan Auerbach and Ronald Lee, University of California, Berkeley
Welfare and Generational Equity in Sustainable Unfunded Pension Systems    
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Fabian Duarte and Justine Hastings, Yale
Consumer Behavior in a Privatized Social Security System: Evidence from Mexico    
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Motohiro Yogo, University of Pennsylvania (Steven H. Sandell Scholar)
Portfolio Choice in Retirement: Health Risk and the Demand for Annuities, Housing, and Risky Assets    
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Guest Speaker: The Honorable LAWRENCE H. SUMMERS
Assistant to the President for Economic Policy
Director, National Economic Council
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Chair, Social Security Advisory Board
Productivity Rewards and Pay Illusions Caused by Health and Retirement Benefit Cost Increases     Slides

Health and Retirement Well-Being
Courtney Monk and Alicia H. Munnell, Center for Retirement Research at Boston College
The Implications of Declining Retiree Health Insurance    
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Michael Hurd and Susann Rohwedder, RAND Corporation
The Level and Risk of Out-of-Pocket Health Care Spending    
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James Poterba, MIT; Steven Venti, Dartmouth; and David Wise, Harvard
Family Status Transitions, Latent Health, and the Post-Retirement Evolution of Assets    
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Kathleen McGarry and Jonathan Skinner, Dartmouth
The Long-Term Financial and Health Outcomes of Disability Insurance Applicants    
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Richard V. Burkhauser, Cornell, and Mary C. Daly, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
The Declining Work and Welfare of Working-Age People with Disabilities     
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Arie Kapteyn and James P. Smith, RAND; and Arthur van Soest, Tilburg University, Netspar & RAND
Work Disability, Work, and Justification Bias in Europe and the US    
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Labor Mobility and Retirement Well-Being
George Borjas, Harvard
Economic Well-Being of the Elderly Immigrant Population    
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Gary Burtless, The Brookings Institution
Impact of Immigration on the Distribution of Well-Being    
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Esteban Calvo, Kelly Haverstick, and Natalia A. Zhivan, Boston College RRC
Determinants and Consequences of Moving Decisions for Older Homeowners    
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