Index of /wp_metadata

This directory shows commonly requested meta-data for the 
NBER working paper series in tab or comma delimited UTF-8 or 
Stata .dta formats suitable for analysis by statistical or 
general purpose software. Formats for bibliographic software 
are linked from

All of these files should update automatically each week.

For the character files the first column is always the working 
paper number, then a tab, then the listed variable. The first 
row has variable names.

File names and variables for the tab delimited versions:

abs.tsv       abstract
date.tsv      issue date
jel.tsv      JEL codes (multiple rows per paper)
prog.tsv      NBER program names (multile rows per paper)
auth.txv     author code (first_last) (multiple rows per paper 
              for multiple authors)
auths.tsv     authors, (comma delimited for multiple authors)
title.tsv     Title
published.tsv Book or Journal Publication information 

There is also ref.tsv which combines paper number, author, title 
and issue date in a single line like a journal reference.

Stata versions are in ./dta and tab versions in ./tsv.

Working paper numbers have 4 or 5 digits and usually begin with 
a "w". However, in years past the prefix letter could be an "h" 
(for historical) or a "t" (for technical).

The published.tsv file shows where working papers were 
eventually published. It is not comprehensive. It combines 
information from authors, Crossref, RePEc and online vitae and 
journal names may vary by source.

Please call if you need assistance. 

Daniel Feenberg

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