Martin Feldstein Lectures

The Martin Feldstein Lecture is an annual lecture, presented during the NBER Summer Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The lecture, which was initiated in 2009 by the NBER Board of Directors, recognizes Martin Feldstein's transformative contributions as President of the NBER. Feldstein, who became President in 1977 and stepped down in 2008, created the "professional network" model that today characterizes the NBER and has been emulated by a number of other organziations. He also launched the NBER Summer Institute in 1978. The goal of the Feldstein Lecture is to highlight recent economic research that bears on important issues in public policy, and to present this research in a broadly accessible format.

2020 - Journey Across a Century of Women
Claudia Goldin - Harvard University and NBER

2019 - Economic Analysis and the Advance of Evidence-Based Health Policy
Katherine Baicker - University of Chicago and NBER

2018 - The Two Faces of Liquidity
Raghuram Rajan - University of Chicago and NBER

2017 - Uncertainty and Large Swings in Activity
Lord Mervyn King, Former Governor, Bank of England

2016 - The Dramatic Economics of the U.S. Market
for Higher Education

Caroline Hoxby - Stanford University and NBER

2015 - How Tight is the Labor Market?
Alan Krueger - Princeton University and NBER

2014 - Financial Sector Reform - How Far Are We?
Stanley Fischer - Vice Chairman, Federal Reserve Board

2012 - Recent Developments in CEO Compensation
Steven Kaplan - University of Chicago and NBER

2010 - The Challenges of Delivering Retirement Income Security
in the 21st Century

Roger Ferguson, TIAA-CREF

2009 - Empirically Evaluating Economic Policy in Real Time
John Taylor - Stanford University and NBER