Index of African Governance

The Index of African Governance is a project of Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government's Program on Intrastate Conflict and Conflict Resolution and of the World Peace Foundation under the direction of Robert I. Rotberg and Rachel M. Gisselquist. The complete report is available as a PDF.

Year PDF Report Source data Scores
Scores and Calculations by Category
Safety & Security Rule of Law Participation and Human Rights Sustainable Economic Opportunity Human Development
2009 PDF raw scores S&S RoL P&HR SEO HD

The data set should be cited as follows:

Robert I. Rotberg and Rachel M. Gisselquist, "2009 Index of African Governance Data Set," downloaded from /data/iag.html [date].
This data set is described in Rotberg and Gisselquist, Strengthening African Governance: Index of African Governance -- Results and Rankings 2009 (Cambridge, MA: Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; and World Peace Foundation, October 2009).

Older Versions

Most users will want the most recent version because the most recent edition of the data supplants previous editions.
However, an older version is available below for historical reference:
Year PDF Report Source data Scores
2008 PDF raw scores

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