The Regionalization of the World Economy

The Regionalization of the World Economy
Jeffrey A. Frankel, editor

The University of Chicago Press, 1998
Cloth: $43.00
286 pages
ISBN: 0-226-25995-1

Table of Contents:

    Jeffrey A. Frankel

    1: Determinants of Bilateral Trade: Does Gravity Work in a Neoclassical World?
    Alan V. Deardorff
      Comment: Jeffrey H. Bergstrand
      Comment: Gene M. Grossman

    2: The Role of History in Bilateral Trade Flows
    Barry Eichengreen, Douglas A. Irwin

      Comment: Robert Z. Lawrence
      Comment: Paul Wonnacott

    3: Why Do Countries Seek Regional Trade Agreements?
    John Whalley

      Comment: Eric W. Bond
      Comment: Dani Rodrik

    4: Continental Trading Blocs: Are They Natural or Supernatural?
    Jeffrey A. Frankel, Ernesto Stein, Shang-Jin Wei

      Comment: Paul Krugman
      Comment: T. N. Srinivasan

    5: The Welfare Implications of Trading Blocs among Countries with Different Endowments
    Antonio Spilimbergo, Ernesto Stein

      Comment: John Haveman
      Comment: Edward E. Leamer

    6: Regional Patterns in the Law of One Price: The Roles of Geography versus Currencies
    Charles Engel, John H. Rogers

      Comment: Kenneth A. Froot
      Comment: Michael Knetter

    7: Regionalization of World Trade and Currencies: Economics and Politics
    Jeffrey A. Frankel, Shang-Jin Wei

      Comment: David Hummels
      Comment: Philip I. Levy

    8: Tariff Phase-Outs: Theory and Evidence from GATT and NAFTA
    Carsten Kowalczyk, Donald Davis

      Comment: Arvind Panagariya
      Comment: Robert W. Staiger

    9: Overview
    Anne O. Krueger