NBER Books - Currency Crises

Currency Crises
Paul Krugman, editor

The University of Chicago Press, 2000
Cloth: $47.00
ISBN: 0-226-45462-2

Table of Contents:

    Paul Krugman

    1. Currency Crises and Unemployment: Sterling in 1931
    Barry Eichengreen and Olivier Jeanne
      Comment: Michael D. Bordo

    2. Political Contagion in Currency Crises
    Allan Drazen

      Comment: Carmen M. Reinhart

    3. Balance of Payments Crises in Emerging Markets: Large Capital Inflows and Sovereign Governments
    Guillermo A. Calvo

      Comment: Roberto Rigobon

    4. The Onset of the East Asian Financial Crisis
    Steven Radelet and Jeffrey Sachs

      Comment: Frederic S. Mishkin

    5. Is Launching the Euro Unstable in the End Game?
    Robert P. Flood and Peter M. Garber

      Comment: Peter B. Kenen

    6. The Mexican Peso in the Aftermath of the 1994 Currency Crisis
    Sebastian Edwards and Miguel A. Savastano

      Comment: J. Bradford De Long

    7. The Aftermath of the 1992 ERM Breakup: Was There a Macroeconomic Free Lunch?
    Robert J. Gordon

      Comment: Paul Krugman

    8. Current Account Reversals and Currency Crises: Empirical Regularities
    Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti and Assaf Razin

      Comment: Jaume Ventura

    Panel Discussion
    Jeffrey A. Frankel
    Peter B. Kenen